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Taking care of my hair has been instilled in me since I was young. My mom takes care of her hair more than anyone I know, and I love that I’m the same way. I have to start off by saying I have never colored or highlighted my hair only because it’s just something that does not payticularly interest me at all. But I do put heat to my hair quite often and since I do that, I make sure I’m using products to keep my hair hydrated and healthy every day. I have to say my hair care products are pretty affordable and can be found almost anywhere and that’s why I wanted to share them with all of you incase anything catches your eye and you want to try it out. But again everyone’s hair is so different. My hair is dry, thick, black, coarse, and wavy. Also during different seasons, my hair changes so I make sure to lessen the use of, or up certain product intakes during those times.
Right now, it’s summer time so I will be lessening the intake of certain products but that doesn’t include shampoo. I have a pretty dry scalp and I’ve tried many different shampoos from Sephora to drugstore brands, and I have to say for me drugstore wins this time. I’ve been using Head & Shoulders dry scalp care 2in1 infused with almond oil and IMO, it’s an all time savior. I use this all year round and the almond oil is what helps keep my hair more moisturized during the winter. I know a lot of people aren’t big fans of 2in1 shampoo and conditioners, but it works for me and that’s why I keep using it. Also I love this shampoo so much I always buy the big size from Bj’s, which is a wholesale store.

Masks: ,
Just as much as I love face masks, I love hair masks even more. I have two favorites and one is very affordable and the other one is more high end(I like a good balance). I use masks way more in the winter and even more after I use heat on my hair. Let’s start off with the affordable one. It’s Kristin Ess Deep Treatment Mask and it’s sold at Target for $14, which I consider a win win!! After I shampoo, I let this mask sit in my ends for about 10 minutes and then I rinse. My favorite thing about this mask is that it’s clean and has no added fragrances. It also provides extra moisture, keeps my hair soft, and nourished.  This mask is good for all hair types so when everyone can run back to Target, they must try this out. On to the more high end mask, which is the MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating mask made more so for medium to thick and dry hair. Again I always use it after I shampoo and let it sit all over my hair for 5 minutes and rinse. Since this has argan oil in it, it also keeps my hair nourished, hydrated, shiny, and helps maintain the texture of my hair. I use hair masks about twice a week, which is also the amount of times I wash my hair each week. I don’t to like to over wash my hair because then it only gets more dry.

Turbie Twist:
I don’t know if it’s just me, but one of my pet peeves is wet hair. I personally do not like the way it feels so right after I wash my hair, I throw it up in a Turbie Twist. It’s just like using a towel but it helps keep my hair in place because of the elastic. Also it’s $10 and now you can find them at so many stores, so do yourself a favor and buy one to save you from the lopsided towel look. The most important reason for me to keep using these is that it’s 100% plush terry cotton and it helps that they have cute patterns and colors.

Hair Oil Treatment:
I’m a big MoroccanOil fan, so let’s talk about their original treatment. I use this after I’m out of the shower from mid-length all the way to the ends. Then, I brush out my hair. I always use this after I use the MoroccanOil Intense hydrating mask. Again this has argan oil in it so whenever I style my hair after using this, it always look so shiny and nourished.

Brushes & Combs: Wetbrush , Conair
If my hair is shampooed, then I always use a Wetbrush to brush it out right after I apply the hair oil treatment. Why do I use this brush? It detangles wet hair without pulling out too much hair. Unlike other brushes, this also does not hurt your scalp when brushing your hair. I know that the Wetbrush is safe to use on both wet and dry hair but I always like to use combs on dry hair and my go to is the Conair shower comb(funny enough). But I never use it in the shower! I just like this comb because it detangles well and works for all textures and hair types. For those of you that like to use combs in the shower, this one comes curved so you can hang it in your shower. One of the best parts is that at Target these are $1.89 online, so SUPER inexpensive.

Styling , ,
Whenever I want to style my hair, I only ever use two hair tools. One being the Revlon hair dryer brush and the second being the Ghd classic styler. I rarely use both together only because the Revlon brush gives me a nice blowout look and I use the Ghd classic styler to have a really straight, sleek look or when I want to add waves to my hair. I’m sure many of you have seen countless Youtube videos on how to curl or add waves to your hair with a flat iron and I personally love using just one tool for two separate looks. But before that, I always make sure to use a heat protectant so that all of this care I give to my hair doesn’t go to waste. I use my OG fave TRESemme thermal creations heat tamer spray. This stuff is $5 and can be found everywhere, so you have no choice but to use it. It’s good for all hair types and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees so girls don’t damage but protect your hair you won’t regret it!!

Just like you only get one face, you only get one set of hair. So if you’re masking your face, do not neglect your hair because it deserves the same love. Yeah it can get costly but that’s why I always try to find a balance between high end and drugstore. Of course,  always do your research before you buy any product because everyone’s hair is different and everyone’s sensitivity levels are different. I’ve had reactions from multiple shampoos and they were far more expensive than Head & Shoulders, but trial and error is how I learned. Keep your hair a 100.

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