Spring & Summer Makeup Routine

During the winter months, I realize my skin tends to be a bit more dry so that’s why I like to change up my makeup routine from the winter to the spring/summer. During the spring/summer, I try and stick to powder foundations and that’s because my skin tends to be more oily during those months. I’m someone who has payticularly always been into makeup since I was little, but I don’t like super dramatic looks at all. However, I do respect those who can rock any color eye shadow. During the spring/summer, sometimes I like to keep my makeup simple just the basic steps and on nights out, I like to add some eyeliner or more highlighter. But before I start my makeup, I make sure to do my morning skincare really well so that I start off with a fresh face.

You always need to start with a base for your makeup and for me this is probably where I take the most time to make sure it looks exactly how I like it. I always start with Benefit Porefessional primer because well I have an oily t-zone in the summer and that needs to be matte. I have used so many primers that I really like, but this one always seems to make a comeback in my routine. I think it has to do with the obvious: it helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. I really feel it keeps my powder foundation on for at least 5+ hours without melting off.  After primer is foundation for me and in the summer, it’s always a powder foundation and I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation in light-medium neutral . First off, it’s full coverage and I find that is so rare in powder foundations, so that’s definitely a plus. But I also love that it’s vegan, which is why I’m a big Tarte fan in general. My skin is so sensitive so when I can have a foundation that’s super clean, it makes me feel good. If you also have oily skin, this really lasts a long time without melting off and I’ve used it in Florida, Arizona, and Philadelphia, which all have different climate types and it stays put everywhere. Also, I mostly use Real Techniques brushes and sponges to apply my makeup. In my opinion, they are very affordable and they apply makeup really well. Also you can buy them in so many stores, which is always a bonus incase you are traveling somewhere and forget your brushes.

Brows Baby:
Which girl isn’t obsessed with their eyebrows? I know my sisters and I are. For my brows, I either use eyebrow pencils such as Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ebony or Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil in #6. But my current go to and holy grail item (I’m sure a lot of you already use it) is the Glossier Boy Brow in brown. It’s the perfect eyebrow filler but also keeps my brows in place all day and I love knowing that my eyebrows won’t be messed up anytime I’m out and about.


Shadow Shadow:
After my eyebrows it’s time for eyeshadow, which I don’t do too much of. I usually play with the same palette all over the lid and something to brighten my inner tear duct. I also always use primer prior to applying eyeshadow and my favorite one is Urban Decay primer potion the OG (but now I buy the anti-aging one). I like this one because my eyeshadow does not smear off at all the entire day. When it comes to eyeshadow, I usually go for neutrals and my favorite palette for a subtle look is the Too Faced Natural Matte because it’s perfect for any and everyday.

Conceal & Lift Your Lashes:
Once my eyeshadow has been blended, it’s time for my dark circles. I always start with my Tarte CC under eye corrector in the color medium-tan. On top of that, I apply Tarte Shape Tape concealer in medium sand 34S and set it with my Laura Mercier secret brightening powder. For all of these steps, I always use mini Beautyblenders but any makeup sponge works. I know this step might seem backwards, but I tend to curl my eyelashes and apply mascara after I take care of my dark circles. I use the Tarte Picture Pefect eyelash curler and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. For me, this combo on my lashes is a match made in heaven. I love how long and lifted my eyelashes look and I personally feel this mascara does not clump, which to me is the sign of a good mascara.

Cheeks Please:
For the last couple steps, (because to some this might seem like a lengthy makeup routine) it’s time to finish off the face with some bronzer from Too Faced chocolate soleil in the color medium/deep matte to give me a little sun-kissed color, in case I have no tan yet. Now for the second to final step, blush from KylieCosmetics in the color Rosy. By the way, I LOVE blush more than your average human being… I apply it to not only my cheeks but also under my brows, near my temples, and on the tip of my nose. I go blush crazy. Okay let’s end this makeup routine because I probably have somewhere to be if I’m doing my makeup. I have to set it and forget it. That’s where Tarte’s Shape Tape stay spray comes into play. This helps lock my makeup into place for many hours and I like this spray compared to many other ones because it is very fine and doesn’t spray out like a shower after you do your makeup. Also it contains two of my all time favorite ingredients I like to use on my skin: cucumber and aloe extracts.


Honestly, I use so many different lip products that are my go to’s. I base lip colors on the weather if that makes any sense. Like in the fall/winter, I do more deep reds and plums. For the spring/summer, I go for a variety of nude pinks and blush tones. But a go to all year round is having a lip plumper, which I have a couple of favorites of: Milani and GlamGlow . Usually, I apply one on top of the other or use it before I apply a clear gloss or lipliner. And there I have a pout ready to take on the day or night, and my makeup routine is complete!

That’s it for my makeup routine, which in my opinion is quick and simple. It’s just some basic steps for me to look a bit more fresh and put together at work or a night out.
Do you have a short and quick makeup routine or a bit more dramatic and fun routine?

Thanks for stopping by:)


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