My Essentials.

I’m sure most of us are payticularly leaning towards things that bring us comfort right now, so I wanted to share what my current essentials are that help lower my stress levels during this uncertain time. Do I do all of this everyday? Definitely not. I do have to work from home or else my boss wouldn’t be too thrilled. But whenever I want to do something comforting, these are my ways to just unplug and be me.


Home workouts:
For most people, gyms and workout classes are currently closed so home workouts have become the new gym and I’m completely okay with that. I’ve always enjoyed working out at home, so that is not an issue for me. I just feel as though I can go at my own pace with whatever the workout maybe. Of course I also do that at the gym but sometimes you have to wait for your favorite machine and at home, that is not an issue so that’s always a positive. If it’s more of a HIIT workout, I can still slow down the moves and take breaks when I need. Also I love being able to change the movement if it feels too hard and if some part of my body already hurts/ is sore, I can change it to make it easier on that part of my body. Honestly, my favorite way to work out at home is by using YouTube videos. My go to channels are Rebecca-Louise and Love Sweat Fitness .  I usually make a schedule for three days a week and do multiple workouts from either channel and try to focus on different parts of my body every other day. But do not get me wrong, I definitely have not been sticking to this schedule as much lately because it’s kind of hard with also being a full time employee with my work hours being so different right now. So if I can’t add in my workout on a specific day, then I’ll just move it to another day or I’ll just work out twice a week instead of three times. I think it’s important to remember nobody’s perfect, and there’s no need to pressure yourself into working out. Actually, the first week and a half of staying at home I didn’t workout at all because I was craving more ice cream than an at home barre class. But whenever my body is craving a workout, I like to use different resistance bands and weights so I can make sure to get the best out of my home workouts. If anyone is looking for weights and resistance bands, I always get mine at Target because of how inexpensive they are(also they come in some pretty colors) I believe you can get a great workout anywhere as long as you put your all into it.


Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence:
During these uncertain times, my stress levels have definitely had their moments and when I’m stressed out, my skin is the first to show it. I get really bad acne and eczema here and there, which sometimes burns so I have been really leaning towards treating my skin with the best possible care. We all know I always talk about Dermalogica, but that’s because I just can’t seem to find any other skincare as good for myself. I know facial essences have been out for so long, but I’m just now jumping on the wagon sadly. So mine actually came in a travel size kit in the ultra calming line I bought for vacation over the summer and originally, I didn’t know if I was going to ever use it but one thing led to another and here I am obsessed with this product. It does the obvious: gives my skin redness relief and helps with sensitivity. I pat it all over my face and neck. This essence contains my favorite, Aloe vera and licorice root to bring my skin back to life right now and after I do a face mask or exfoliate my skin since my face tends to be more red after doing those things. My skin has definitely started to calm down because I’m just trying not to stress and take each day as it comes and doing the obvious, drinking a lot more WATER!!

Comfort Food:
Okay comfort food is completely allowed anytime of your life, but at this time when everyone is spending more time at home it’s more allowed. My mom and I have made countless different recipes from all kinds of Italian to Mexican food and I’ve also baked a ton of muffins and cookies and it really takes my mind off the news, allowing me to just be in my comfort zone. I’m pretty sure everyone and their mom is also baking because banana bread has been trending a lot. I’ve enjoyed baking since I was young, but right now I’m working with whatever is in my mom’s kitchen and I have created some delicious treats. I love to bake for my family, so I create recipes they also enjoy eating right now because we are in this together after all, and my family definitely bonds over dessert. LOL!


So I’m addicted to Pinterest and yeah I’m struggling to put my IPad/phone away because I just want to pin everything. Currently, I’m very into pinning outfit ideas I can wear once all of this is over(hopefully soon). One thing I look forward to are affirmations right now. I enjoy implementing those in my everyday routine because we can all get through this time, but I just love reading them to give me that extra push to get me through the day. Also if you want to get into cooking right now, Pinterest has some amazing recipes that I love to take inspiration from. Of course you might need to adjust the recipe to again what’s in your pantry and refrigerator. But hey this app really could  help you find a new hobby if you want one. To me, Pinterest doesn’t feel like other social media outlets. Instead, I find peace when I’m on the website just finding inspiration for anything that interests me. Do you gals have Pinterest? Let me know because I would love to check out some of your pages!

Once all of this is over, I know I will never take going out for dinner and drinks with family and friends for granted. Or going on vacations, something most people would have been doing during spring break. I definitely know the feeling of just going to the grocery store without all of these precautions will be really nice because I don’t know about all of you, but grocery shopping is something I truly enjoy because I love finding new foods and baking materials to bake and cook with. And right now, it’s kind of causing me stress. But most of all, I never want to take all the essential workers for granted because without all of them, we wouldn’t have people being taken care of in all sorts of ways. So I just want to thank my mom and older sister for being in the pharmaceutical and medical field for being so selfless and helping others.

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