Springing Forward

You guys I have to admit, I truly am my best self during the spring and summer and I feel like most people I know also are. And I partly think for myself, it has to do with the whole lot less layers I have to wear LOL. So I thought why not share some of my favorite pieces that I’m going to wear this spring. BTW that’s coming up on March 19th and I’m payticularly so hype! I feel like I finally discovered what I enjoy wearing in the sense that I’m 100% comfortable wearing it out for social gatherings (okay that felt odd to write) or to work, and then I also feel more comfortable to share it with all of you gals. I know it might be weird to say that I finally discovered my style, but I think before, I just bought whatever I thought was cute in the store, and never really tried it on myself or had planned outfits in my mind of what look I was going for. But hey, better now than later.

My First Piece:
Is an American Eagle corduroy cropped button up shirt in the color mint. First off, I never thought I would buy anything in the color mint because I didn’t think it looked good on me. But how would I know, I had never tried it on. In my opinion, you cannot even have a more appropriate spring piece than this shirt because of the color. I know it says shirt online, but I wore it more like a jacket over a black body suit and I thought it added the perfect dress up feel for my outfit. Since it’s warm during spring and summer, this shirt is so perfect because of how lightweight it is, and I also think it can be worn alone buttoned up or with a top underneath and then you can just leave the shirt unbuttoned. However, I couldn’t find this shirt online anymore so I linked something very similar.
Shop: (Cropped Button Up Shirt ae.com) (Twill Cropped Jacket ae.com)


My Second Piece:
Was also a part of this outfit and it’s black bodysuit from Garage. Side-note: I plan on wearing it many different ways over the spring and summer. I have to confess I have never owned a bodysuit before because I always thought they would be uncomfortable when your girl needs to use the restroom but wow was I wrong. (I also now own multiple different colored bodysuits and my closet is here for it) My favorite way so far to wear this bodysuit has been with all kinds of jeans, especially a good high waisted pair. On this payticular day, I wore the bodysuit with these high-waisted denim, paper-bag pants and it looked like a match made in heaven. Bodysuits are so versatile and can be worn with all kinds of skirts, shorts, jeans, and even sweats. So do yourself a favor and buy at least a black bodysuit because for me, it was very life changing. (I’m not dramatic) Again, I tried to find this exact bodysuit on their website, but I couldn’t so I linked a similar one that’s also very affordable.
Shop: (Forever21.com)

My Third Piece:
Okay so lately, jeans have been my thing, but you know when you eat a lot and have to unbutton your jeans literally right after? Well that ain’t it when you’re out. So I’ve discovered these Aerie chambray distressed pants that look dressed up like jeans, but honestly are as comfy as sweats IMO. I have already worn these so many times for casual looks and even worn them to work(p.s. I work in a business setting and my boss has not said anything yet) so I think I’m good. For me, the selling point was the fact they’re distressed since I’m a sucker for these kinds of pants. I feel this detail helps again with how they can be worn based on your setting. I got this smoked gray color because I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone, even though I know I would have really loved the blue pair most. But with that being said, I think all of the different tones for these pants are up my alley.
Shop: (ae.com)


My Fourth Piece: 
Are these Steve Madden ecentrcq white slip ons. I have never owned a good pair of slip on shoes and I thought it was finally time for a pair this spring and I’m obsessed with this one. I wear them all the time, but only when the outfit goes with them since I don’t want to over wear them. I don’t know if it’s weird to admit, but I have this pet peeve of over wearing things from my wardrobe because I like the feeling that every time I wear something it feels special and not just oh that again. But anyway, back to the slip ons. I can say from my own experience, they are so comfy to walk in after you break them in and I always wear no show socks with these so I don’t get any kind of blisters if I know I’m going to be out long. I also like the white because they can be paired with any outfit. I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing less heels this summer and more slip on style shoes because hello COMFY!


I hope you all enjoyed this type of “outfit” blog post because for me, writing this was a lot of fun. I enjoyed sharing various pieces from different outfits that are currently my favorite to take into spring. I plan on blogging many more outfit posts during the warmer months and letting you all in on some ideas so you can play around with and plan your outfits.

Thanks for stopping by:)


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