Winter Outfit Ideas

I’m not payticularly the biggest fan of the cold winter months, even though my birthday falls in the beginning of winter. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t wear clothes that add more color into the cold, dark wintery days. Surely a bunch of you can relate. So today I thought I would share some of my favorite outfits and pieces of my winter wardrobe with all of you.

I have to admit I’ve been wearing a good amount of sweaters this winter, but I make sure that they don’t all start looking the same. Now I love to blog, but I also have a full time job in which I have to be dressed nicely every day. Now that doesn’t mean I’m limited to wearing dresses every single day, but I also have to be able to dress up my jeans. And in the winter that gets hard for me sometimes because I just want to be warm. So my go to are fun sweaters paired with skirts or different styles of pants.

Let’s start with an outfit that was totally new for me, but I think it’s nice to change up your style as you get older. This entire outfit, besides the booties, is actually from H&M and I have to say I’ve been very into their material for sweaters lately. I rarely used to shop there, but now like I said their material just feels so much more different in a good way. So I’ve been pinning a bunch of looks with satin skirts and I wanted to make sure I incorporated that in one of my winter outfit ideas.  I chose to wear this multi colored, mock turtleneck sweater with the skirt tucked in because the skirt is a one toned light beige, and I wanted to add color to that(since that is the theme of my outfits during the winter months).


The sweater helped give this outfit some color, but I didn’t think that was enough so I added this orange knot headband from to finish off the entire look and I have to say it matches the sweater pretty spot on. These booties have made plenty of appearances on my blog because they are a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe…and I have to say I’m definitely a boot repeater. If any of you was wondering, they’re from


I like to wear all kinds of pants to work, but denim can get kind of boring, so I switch it up with different style pants like these paper-bag styled ones. I have to say this pair of pants is definitely one of the comfiest pairs I own, and they are appropriate for any time of the day. I paired them with a light beige, chunky-knit sweater and I felt like the two worked well together because this time around the sweater is one toned, but the houndstooth-pattern on the pants actually have a few colors mixed into them, so that made this outfit look a bit more “colorful”.


I personally feel this outfit is perfect for work since it does have a more professional vibe. And you can bet I have already worn it more than a few times already. In the past, I’ve also paired the sweater with a few different pairs of jeans and it looks just as good.


Thanks for stopping by:)


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