Reinventing Payticular

I have to say this is a restart for me. What do I mean when I say that? I’ve been in a funk for a while about what to do with my blog, and I’ve decided I want to start fresh. And that means a new angle and just me showing who I really am. I wanted to do this because I always love to do things that I love, and my blog was just becoming something so boring for me because nothing screamed me anymore. So I knew for myself I had to hit the refresh button, and start over with a clean slate. I cannot wait to take you on this journey with me.


Hey there! I’m Payal a twenty something gal from Philly. I founded Payticular because of my particular taste in life. I have to owe that to the fact that I’m a middle child, and a proud one at that. I have always been super passionate about everything I do, and it’s because I always try and do things I genuinely love. Now I’m not just passionate about certain activities, but about so much from choice in clothes, to how I have my hair, and how I even like to spend my time. I know this sounds like I never give a chance to new things in life, but that’s not true. Even when it comes to trying new things, I do it with my heart and if I love it that’s great, but if I don’t, I honestly don’t plan on trying it again. I know some would say that’s not the best mindset, but that’s just who I am.My main goal through this blog and reinventing it is to showcase how it’s always fun to be who you are as a person. I’m always myself in whatever situation I might be a part of because there is no one else like me or you in this world. So go ahead, be “Payticular”, and live every day as your best self.


Thanks for stopping by:)


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A business gal who lives the fashion side of life.

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