Philly In a Skirt.

Fun fact: I payticularly love casual tees, and I have so many because you can wear them with anything: denim, skirts,shorts,etc. I love pieces of clothing that are multi purpose, and I’m sure a lot of you do as well. So today I’m sharing with all of you a spring appropriate OOTD that shows how I dress up a tee. For me, this outfit is perfect for any time whether that’s brunch or drinks with friends. All you gotta do is change up the shoes to heels, or change up the tee for a more dressed up top. I would even wear this with my favorite sports team jersey for a game and that way, it’s more fun to wear clothes in many different ways.2632d48f-41fd-481f-9bd9-3881e7518505-1I’ve been on the hunt for long skirts with prints, and some that are simple for the past 6 months. And I can safely say I’ve found them and I’m already obsessed, and I can’t wait to wear them throughout spring and summer. I bought mine at CottonOn . Currently, they are on sale for $14.99, and I have to say that is super inexpensive for all these cute skirts. With long skirts, I feel you can wear anything you want as your top, so I went with just a tee representing Philly because well I have a lot of Philly pride. But I loved the different bright hues of red and orange in the skirt, and the simpleness of the tee with the fun pattern and ruffle detail of the skirt just works well together in my opinion.4a0eddd8-6267-4a29-97f2-bf2975eec402-179eeb5ff-a68d-4766-96db-8d00ed788598
Now since it’s supposed to be my kind of casual look, it had to be paired with some kind of sneaker. So of course my go to were my all star Converse because well they are comfy to walk in, and they helped bring my look together. As far as accessories go, I threw on my hair clips, which are the newest obsession everyone is having. In addition, I wore a simple necklace and bracelet. For my purse, I used my round straw bag that you can buy almost anywhere now. However, I got mine from Amazon. Also the pom-poms don’t come with it, so I just added those myself. I know every girl has been using this bag as well, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try a trend. 1628e537-96bd-47ab-ba02-fc87307ad1fd
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