Good Weather, Good Mood

I fully have to say I hate cold weather , and I live in Philly, so the winter is brutal here. I payticularly know when the seasons change over to spring and summer, I feel so much better mentally and physically. I know to some I probably sound dramatic because most people don’t think Philly winters are that bad, but they are when it’s still 30 degrees during spring. I know people have it a lot worse weather wise, and the amounts of snow they have to dig through compared to Philly is way more, but this blog post is not to complain about the weather so much. It’s more so how I plan on telling you gals how warmer weather makes me feel so much better all around. Maybe a lot of you can agree with me on that.IMG_3995Mind Set
Whenever I see 65 degrees or up in the weather forecast, for some reason, I feel my stress going out the door. I feel a lot more calm in the sense of how I approach situations that are difficult to deal with. That allows me to not feel any stress because during the colder seasons it’s so much harder for me to let go of certain situations. I always feel anxious, and that stresses me out even more. I don’t know if it’s the effect of the warm sun that allows me to stay calm under pressure, or waking up and having the sun shine on my face while I’m practicing my morning meditation, but I feel I just smile more, and that makes me the happiest I can be in a stressful moment.178B1B09-BD15-4C28-A58C-B3ADB7689140
I’m someone who always has to be doing something. Don’t get me wrong, I love to just chill and watch some Gilmore Girls, but you will never find me taking a nap (especially during the warm seasons). I notice when the sun is out longer, I feel so much more productive whether that means working out, writing on my blog, or being at work in general. I notice in those everyday chores I give my all because I feel I have so much day left ahead of me that I can relax with ease after I get things done that will put me in a better place. This also ties in with helping me maintain a positive mindset. Also since the sun is out longer now, going out and being social to me, is not about being productive. By that, I mean you don’t need to check it off your to do list, but putting on a nice spring dress and wearing some sandals, and being in the city gives you a good break from a busy work day. To me, there are two sides of productivity: one where you have to work and the other is for balancing out time for things that bring you joy.39A9178B-2D0A-46F2-86EB-050DC3587DEF

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