March Favorites.

Spring is in the air, and I’m feeling payticularly GREAT!! I will say, March was definitely a month filled with ups and downs, but I got through it and I’m only hoping for more positive vibes as the warmer weather keeps on coming. I know I function a lot better with warm weather and the sun staying out later than snow and 15 degrees being on the forecast. I just genuinely feel more motivated to do things that I mentally and physically enjoy. So I can say a favorite of mine for March has to be the seasons changing, and of course that’s not it. I’m sharing with you all my latest obsessions… some that are honestly making a comeback.IMG_4011Skincare: Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches
Alright, I have to start off with the fact that I have hereditary dark circles, and I’m not about them. But when I have under eye bags, they are designer. LOL!! I can say I have tried many eye patches from the drugstore, made my own, and high end…and I think I finally found my holy grail under eye patches. Now I will say these are expensive, and they total at $48 for 30 eye patches at Ulta. However, I did not pay full price because I’m part of their reward system. Plus, I go to Ulta a lot, so I racked up around $30. So I really only paid $18 for them. Yes I know, their reward system is amazing!! But with everything they have done for my eyes on mornings I need to de-puff and add hydration back into my under eyes, these really do get the job done. Also,  a tip from me is to stick the entire container into the refrigerator. Since they’re infused with cucumber, this cooling combination really helps lighten my dark circles. They also allow my concealer to sit so well under my eyes because of how hydrated they are after 10 minutes, so no dryness.  Let’s get back to the price. I can say I would buy these again when I do run out, but I don’t use them everyday(only a few times a month), so I can really get the best use out of them.
Where to buy:,

Beauty: Essie Nail Polish
Okay, so I’m going to be honest. I haven’t used regular nail polish in years. Why? I’ve been so into gel nails whether I get them done, or I use my own at home gel kit. I’ve been using gel because of the obvious reason of how long they last. But just recently, I wanted to start exploring new nail polish colors, and well that’s where my Essie nail polish obsession started again. Honestly back in high school, I used to be the queen of having every drugstore nail polish brand, and I’m starting to get back into. I’ve bought so many colors in the past week, and some of them are colors I have never done before. I will say, Essie nail polish does last just as long as any gel polish I’ve been using. The best about Essie, besides their polish names, is you can buy them anywhere: Target, CVS, Wal-Mart, Ulta, etc.
Where to,,,Ulta.comIMG_4013IMG_4012

Makeup: OleHenriksen Banana Bright Face Primer
Before I apply any foundation, I always apply primer so my makeup can last at least 6+ hours. I usually buy primers that have SPF, but I wanted to try a new one that didn’t so I could use it for day and more so night time. So that’s why I’m trying out a sample from Sephora. (P.S. Sephora will make you samples of products you are interested in, but don’t want to spend more than $30 just in case it doesn’t work for you) This primer is infused with vitamin c and banana powder inspired pigments that make your skin have a healthy glow, but keeps your makeup in place. I wholeheartedly stand behind those claims when I use it under my foundation. So you can totally believe I will be buying the full size when I’m done with the sample.
Where to buy:

Accessories: Forever21
You know I love good affordable accessories. Where can you find that? In my opinion, Forever21 does a great job with so many pieces to choose from. A couple weeks ago, I went to Forever21 after so many years and went crazy with their accessories, and I’m not mad about it. They have so much variety to choose from, but my favorite are more so the simple pieces you can wear everyday… and it’s okay if they break or I lose them because they are way more affordable than a lot of other stores. Of course I would never intentionally do that, but just in case it happens, I won’t feel as bad. I also love to travel with their accessories, and my favorite from all their items are rings!! I own so many of their rings from regular to midi and the ones I can again, wear everyday…Because I’m a girl who loves having her nails done, and wearing simple rings to just add something special to a plain outfit.
Where to

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