60s in Winter.

I mean, say no more when the weather is 60 degrees in the beginning of winter. I’m just the happiest I can be. I’m born and raised in Philly, and the winter weather is no joke here. But at 24, I still can’t get used to 20 degrees and snow. I payticularly feel as though my body has not adjusted to the numbing cold, and it probably never will. That’s why this entire week I really tried to soak in the good weather, and wanted to share what I wear in these weather conditions with you gals.IMG_3124Cardigans. They are very important in the winter for me, but like I said when it’s 60 degrees instead of 20, you can get away with a cropped one…And bought this in store at AmericanEagle.com. I personally love the boxy style because it allows me to wear high-waisted pants with it. I also love the neutral tones of it because I can add other colors to my outfit, or just simply keep it in the neutral family, like I did with my pants and booties.

I love a good high-waisted pair of pants because they just hug my legs better. And, I feel that style always makes me look taller than I really am. AmericanEagle.com These pants are actually super soft and comfortable to wear not only in the winter, but I feel they would be an essential in my spring wardrobe as well. Since they are really neutral with a striped pattern, I could wear them with pretty much any color top I want. But I usually go for a neutral bottom, neutral top look. Honestly, it’s just my kind of motto.IMG_3157
You guys have seen me talk about my favorite booties from OldNavy.com far too often, and I’m just here to say the LOVE is not going anywhere for a very long time. I’m not just talking about the gray pair I’m wearing, but every pair I own from there is my legit favorite. They look good with any outfit, and the comfort level for me is exactly what I need walking on cobble stone streets. These booties definitely helped keep my entire look in the neutral family. IMG_3123
I’ve been seeing hair clips come back into the fashion world, and I’m super excited about that. When I was little, I loved hair accessories and that’s why I never felt the need to color or add highlights to my hair. I just loved putting butterfly pins and different colored bobby pins in it to make it all pretty and fun. Now that I’m older, I’m so excited to see one of my all time favorite bloggers creating everyday wear hair clips to add a pop to any hairstyle. My current favorite are the SincerelyJules x Scunci collection from Target.com . I’m not even lying when I say I bought so many things from her collaboration because I’m in love with how fun the designs are for everything. First off, these wavy bobby pins. Yes, you will be seeing these a lot on here, but not the same color because they come in many different metals… and I cannot wait to wear all of them! So if you need to add some pop to your hair for work or a night out, you need a major Target run!

I would love to know, are you gals winter people or not? It’s definitely a no from me!

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