Christmas Day Outfit.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! If you guys are anything like me, then Christmas morning usually consists of PJs… but after all the gifts have been opened and stomachs are filled with cookies, it’s time to get ready for a family party. This year for my outfit, I wanted to do something more than just an ugly Christmas sweater. So this year, I went with plaid and faux leather and I’m not payticularly mad about it.IMG_2687I mean my plaid pants screamed the holidays to me, and I thought they were perfect for all the food I will be consuming today.  They fit so well because they have a stretchy material. And also I know it’s cold in Philly, but I love a good cropped detail on pants. I purchased these at ,so if you are looking for festive pants this holiday season, these are perfect.IMG_2702
It’s always sweater weather in December, and I have become obsessed with this one from Pacsun. It’s from the brand LA HEARTS, but I can’t seem to find it online anymore. I got it because it was a perfect match with the cropped style all throughout the sweater and the pants. Plus, the party is in the back… the v-neck pullover just looks like your basic cream colored sweater, but it’s not!IMG_2703At this point we can all just assume I’m going to be wearing booties with majority of my outfits, right? Well that’s what’s happening with today’s festive look as well. My first ever faux leather booties are from ,and I honestly need to stop buying booties from there, but I can’t… the addiction is real. Like I’ve said previously, if I ever find boots to fit me the way Oldnavy’s can, then I’ll start buying from other stores. But for now, I’m so into the faux leather booties and they look good with any outfit you pair them with.

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