I’m Living in a Corduroy World.

I have to admit, I’ve been on a corduroy kick lately, and I’m not even complaining. I’m sure like most of you, majority of my pants and overalls were corduroy fabric back in the day, and I loved them. But as time went on, they totally got lost in the fashion world. But I’m so glad that they’ve made a full circle comeback because I don’t just payticularly find them fun to wear, but they also add an extra warmth to your body in the winter time. Anyone else agree?

A few weeks back, I found a pair of corduroy pants that I can wear with many different looks, and I am so here for that because I love versatile clothing pieces…because, well I have a budget, and I really try not to overspend!IMG_2346I found this pair at AmericanEagle.com , and it also comes in two other fun colors as well. Plus, all three pairs are 25% off right now.  I love the flared detail at the bottom because it makes the pants look edgy, and tbh that’s as edgy as I can get. The pair I’m wearing is a size 0, and I can usually fit into a double 0 as well. But since I like when pants are slightly baggy, going up a size makes it easier to tuck long shirts into them. And of course, I love to be as comfy and casual when need be. IMG_2341Is my top a sweater? Yes, but no at the same time. Confusing, I know. So I bought this plush waffle henley at AmericanEagle.com They don’t have this top online, but I’ve linked a similar one for you guys. So back to the whole sweater, but not sweater situation. In my opinion, this top can be dressed up or down. You can wear it as is, or even with a blazer to work. If I dress it up, I like to add different accessories, but nothing that will clash because I feel as though the olive color works best with other neutrals. As you can see, the top is pretty baggy, even though I bought it in an x-small. So I like to just slightly tuck it in for a casual day, but for work I would fully tuck it in with jeans.
After all, I did say this top looks best with accessories. Well, let’s start with the hair. I added the flowy, polka dot hair scrunchie from Pacsun with my half up half down look because it’s a fun twist on plain hair ties.

I mean I talk WAY too much about my Oldnavy.com booties, and I just won’t be able to stop until the winter is fully over. They look good with all outfits, are easy to walk in, and come in all colors and styles. Also, they come in many different sizes, even halves, which allows them to hug my toes perfectly. I don’t know about you guys but when something is that perfect, I can’t stop wearing it over and over again!

What’s your go to clothing piece you wear all winter long?…Because hello comfort

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