Sweater Weather.

It’s officially below 40 degrees in Philadelphia now, and it’s around that time where I bust out all of my cozy sweaters. I used to be the girl who hated wearing sweaters because I had that mindset that all them were super itchy, but boy have I been payticularly wrong about that.IMG_2286My latest fall outfit is entirely from Aerie and American Eagle besides the booties, which are from OldNavy. I have to say this sweater from Aerie has become my favorite clothing piece to wear lately, whether that involves nights out or a chill city day. I gravitate towards this sweater for many reasons: the color, which is super perfect for fall, how oversized it is because extra comfort am I right?!, and because of the party in the back…keep reading to find out what I mean by that! IMG_2284I’m sure all of you were wondering why I said I wear it on nights out…Well, because of the fun halter top design. I feel this adds such a fun flare to this sweater. Because on a night out, sweaters can be boring and you have to find other ways to dress them up, but this one let’s the back do all the talking! I couldn’t find the same sweater on their website, so I linked a similar one AmericanEagle.com.

As far as the jeans go, let me tell you this pair is super old from American Eagle. But they also did not come with the pom-poms on them. My mom actually added them on for me because she loves to DIY things, and I love her for doing that. The jeans were already cute, but this added something more fun to them. This distressed pair of jeans fits so well, and looks so good with many different tops. I wear them at least during three seasons because knowing how I am, I would freeze during the winter time if I wore these. Honestly, I’m just a big fan of AmericanEagle.com jeans, so I linked a pair really similar to mine.

I know what can I say, I love my booties, and this black pair has made many appearances on here. But when I love something that’s made for my feet, I don’t let go of them really easily. Specifically OldNavy booties. Why? Because if any of you girls have feet like me: size 8 1/2 with wide toes, then OldNavy booties are a blessing! OldNavy.com

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