A Polka dot set like no other.

When I say I love clothes I mean a combination of fashionable and fuss free pieces. That’s when a fun set comes into play. I discovered my love for two piece sets this summer, but sadly it began way too close to the end of the season. But I hope this trend is still here all year, so I can wear many different styles in every season.

In payticular, this set that I bought from American Eagle is my current favorite. If I could, I would legit wear this everyday, but I can’t. I really wanted to find this set for you guys online, but I couldn’t, so I just decided to link their whole page that has many cute sets for you girls.AmericanEagle.comIMG_1761I love this set for many reasons. One being the colors, which are my absolute favorite. The navy and white have always been my safe choices. Ever since elementary school all the way to college, my colors to represent my schools where navy blue and white. So I’ve found different ways to always wear them, and have started to really like them on my skin tone.ACS_0016Ruffles! They come in all styles and they’re really good chips too! But we aren’t talking food. I’m talking about the ruffle detail on the bottom of the top that gives it the cropped look. I really like this detail because it gives the top a more flowy style, and it works best with the bottoms that way because I wore them high waisted.ACS_0013I chose to wear this outfit with converse because they are just as fuss free as the whole outfit. Also, they make the look a bit more casual, which is how I wanted it to look. Plus, the bonus this way is you can wear this outfit to your college or NFL football games. All you have to do is just add something fun to represent your school or favorite team like I did with this foam finger, and you are ready for kickoff!

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