First Post.

Blogging is something that has taken over my creative life in the best way possible. I came across my first ever fashion blogger SomethingNavy(Arielle Charnas) in my senior year of high school, and she has changed the way I look at fashion completely. I still to this day follow her on all my social media and constantly read her blog. So how did she change my creative bones? Personally, my fashion sense has evolved majorly and I’ve grown to not care what anyone says about what I wear. I always tell myself as long as I’m comfortable in my own skin and clothes, who cares about the haters.But my creative bones have flourished in many ways such as, learning how to take better pictures and not being shy when I take them..because while I’m doing this, I have a huge smile on my face. It is something that truly makes me happy while I’m doing it.I was never good at sports, which all my friends were and that made me want to find something that was a bit more different. I wanted something that made me challenge myself in the best way possible and that is and will be:Blogging!

Since I believe my style speaks to me, I decided to create a blog where I can share my beauty and fashion bits with other people. Not going to lie, I’m not the best writer, but thanks to the best editor ever.. my younger sister. Usually my college papers get an A+, so I’m hoping this gets the same. I can’t wait to share my future fashion and beauty posts with all of you in the upcoming weeks and days.

Thanks for stopping by:)


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A business gal who lives the fashion side of life.

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